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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Is Malaysia an Islamic State?
For answering that question, Malaysia is a country that is in between of Islamic state and Secular state due to some reason. First and foremost, definition of a country to be an Islamic state are according to various Muslim Scholars: Firstly, according to Muhammad bin Hasan Asy Syaibani stated that “The state controlled and ruled by Muslims and Muslims enjoyed peace and tranquility in it." Then, based from Muhammad Abu Zuhrah "The Islamic State is a state that is under the dominion of Islam. Strength and its defense dominated by Muslims. Such countries must be maintained by each and every Muslim". Another character of an Islamic State is where Syariah law is being enforced and implemented all over the territories.  From the definition above, it can be said that Malaysia is an Islamic state as Muslims are the controlling party and the Head of Government and Head of Nation are Muslim. After that, Muslims citizen enjoy and freely practicing Islam. But as in the context of implementation of Syariah Law (Islamic Law), we are not enforcing Syariah Law fully in our nation. Besides, Islamic law only applicable in personal matters such as marriage, divorce and inheritance. It is conclude under state matter, not being a paramount rule as federal constitution. Malaysia it's just an ordinary state that recognizes Islam as the official religion of the country.
To support that statement, Article 3 of the Federal Constitution states that Islam is the religion of the Federation. But other religions may be practiced in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation. So Malaysia can’t be a secular state by virtue of having an established religion. It is worth mentioning that there is no authentic interpretation of the Constitution in Malaysia and somehow word "Islam is the religion of the Federation" in the Constitutional translated incorrectly as "Islam is the base religion of the Federation".
If we refer to cases decided in court in Malaysia there are a number of old cases that give meaning to narrow the word "Islam is the religion of the Federation". In the case of Che Omar bin Che Soh v Public Prosecutor [1988] 2 MLJ 55 the arguments made on behalf of the appellants is the death penalty mandatory for trafficking in dangerous drugs and possession of firearms is against the teachings of Islam and therefore null and void. Argued that because Islam is the official religion, the death sentence imposed on the offense, not offense, "hudud" or "qisas" according to Islamic law, is contrary to the teachings of Islam and therefore invalid under the Constitution. Although Salleh Abas, the chief justice at the time, when giving judgment no doubt have said Islam is not just a set of beliefs and ritual alone but is a complete way of life that includes all areas of human practice, whether private or public, on the legal, political , economic, social, cultural, moral or judicial, and how to set up all manner of life including the laws and morals are guided by the revelation of God found in the Quran and the hadith of the Prophet but he asked the meaning of Islam is that intended by the makers of the Constitution? He has refer to the history of British entry in Malaysia as occupiers for which they have divided religions into two types, one in personal matters and in terms of the public. In all areas including administrative law and justice, they have waived Islam and apply secular manner. Therefore only Islamic law on family and inheritance are allowed and then only apply to Muslims. Results from the British colonial era, Islamic law has been isolated in a narrow range on the law of marriage, divorce and inheritance. This is the meaning of "Islam" which intended by the makers of the Constitution. The decision of this case is an important statement of the status of Islam. Although recent times have seen the “islamisation” of the nation, the case provides a clear view that Malaysia is not an Islamic state but a secular state with Islamic characteristics and bias.
According to the Article 11(1) stated that every person has the right to profess and practice his religion and, subject to Clause (4), to propagate it. It is clear from the provisions that the Muslims have the right to profess and practice his religion, namely Islam as their way of life. Clause (4) stipulates that the law can be made to control or restrict the propagation of any belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.
On the other hand, in the interpretation of the constitution as that found in Article 160, Islamic law is not explicitly included in the definition. Provisions just mentioned, "By including statutory, common law, insofar as they apply in the federal or any part thereof and any custom or usage having the force of law in the federal or any part thereof. (Reference: Introduction to Islamic Law in Malaysia; Mahmood Zuhdi - Publisher UM) Former Chief Justice, Tun Muhammad Suffian hasyim stated goal of Islam (the religion of the federation) was originally incorporated solely for the ceremony, for example, to allow prayer to be read in the official ceremonies such as the coronation of Yang Dipertuan Pertuan Agong, Independence Day and other occasions. (Reference: Muhammad Suffian Hashim, Tun (1962).
 What comes second is, approach to add “official” word is merely a political strategy when the nation gained independence and dealing with emergencies resulting from a communist threat that do not believe in god. For the avoidance of non-Muslim communities continue to abstain from participating in the new government, then such an approach made by politicians at the time. Based on the belief that the behavior has continued to spread secular ideas in the administration of the State. Principles and teachings of Islam are not able to control and monitor the activities of government and state whether in policy or law.

In conclusion, even though Islam as a religion is accepted by the federal constitution, but the reception does not make Islam as the Law of Nation. The word "official" is just a bonus, but its impact has been misleading all parties and create the wrong impression about the position of Islam in the country is to become "Malaysia is a secular democratic state with Islam as the official religion." The fact that these three words: democracy, secular and officially do not exist at all in the Constitution.

p/s: some opinions may vary that regard Malaysia is an Islamic state. well it falls upon our own judgment and opinion then :)

Thursday, 19 November 2015

don't chase a rabbit

hi, it's been a while dah tak menulis dalam blog ni
tuntutan study required my whole focus on it so yeah
jarang dah update
lately i've been thinking la kan
for this point of my life
it's not worth la mengharapkan orang untuk terus berada dalam hidup saya
selama mana pun kita cuba untuk hold someone, makin jauh dia akan pergi
it's like macam kita pegang landak
makin lama kita genggam, makin sakit tangan sendiri or for worse, tangan akan berdarah
same goes to hold our anger, makin lama simpan makin teruk amarah
i can't force someone to stay any longer, either don't have any choices,
better to let them go
biarkan orang lain bebas sebab mungkin keberadaan kita takkan menyenangkan mereka
jadi, saya minta maaf
saya mungkin annoyingly hantar rampaging whatsapp or so on
saya mungkin kacau masa-masa sengkang anda
dan saya juga mungkin buatkan anda rasa rimas
atau bak kata orang terengganu "nyekik"
saya minta maaf
at this point, saya dah letih dan nyata kegusaran tentang kehilangan tu perit
tapi pahit nya tetap kena telan
i don't even want to chase a rabbit
apa yang pergi tu biarlah jadi kenangan.
moga anda-anda yang saya sayang tu terus bahagia dalam rahmat Allah


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

not broken just bent

i have done my best, i had studied very hard and done my utmost for the diploma, now i let Allah do the rest. people keep asking me why, i just told them it's Allah plan. He setting me right. tahu tak, aku rasa aku termasuk dalam orang2 yang beruntung sebab Dia uji aku dengan ujian ni. kemungkinan kalau tak diuji macam ni, mungkin aku makin sombong, siapa tahu kan. bukan aku nak berlagak dengan rasa i'm feel so blessed, tapi cuba nak positifkan diri supaya hanya fikirkan yang baik2, lebih2 lagi tentang Dia, Dia nak aku kembali, kembali pada fitrah. bersangka baiklah dengan Dia. actually, aku ni seorang yang jenis nak defend diri aku daripada sakitnya sebuah sangkaan so aku lebih berfikir negatif, ye aku pelik tapi that's me. dah lama aku hidup dengan cara ni, tapi sekarang Allah nak 'tunjukkan' yang berpemikiran negatif tu slow2 merosakkan dalaman aku, sebab jiwa dipenuhi dengan negativity. and being positive is indeed amazed me! kekuatan tu ada pada setiap masalah, cuma kita yang perlu 'buka mata' supaya nampak yang setiap sesuatu tu ada kebaikan, kekuatan yang terselit. tengok semua yang terjadi dari sudut yang positif, dan kita tak kan menyalahkan takdir. mungkin juga ni jawapan kepada semua doa aku. Dia tak bagi dari cara yang aku mahu, tapi Dia bagi apa yang aku perlukan melalui caraNya. so kat sini, positif lah even masalah mengelilingi dan mencekik anda.

off topic kejap, 2014 kelmarin nak pasang braces tapi terpaksa hold dulu sebab gum problem and ada 1 gigi aku ni kena buat root treatment, doc kata kena buat tapi tak nak buat takpe sebab dia dah tampal tapi akan mengundang masalah suatu hari nanti. tapi aku terlampau lampau takut nak buat root treatment tu, aku tanya doc tu sakit tak? lethal tak? what if saya mati masa operation? sakit tu akan berpanjangan selama berapa hari? saya boleh makan lagi tak? (banyak lagi soalan out of sense) percayalah yang aku pun tak percaya aku tanya soalan bodoh hahaha *nangis*, doc tu punyalah gelak sampai berhenti kejap untuk tarik nafas. dia cakap sebelum treatment tu, patient tu akan dibius dulu. tapi aku tak boleh la, aku takut benda2 yang berkaitan gigi sebab rasa imminent danger tu. memang dari zaman tadika lagi aku dah lari dari doc gigi, takut nau nak buat check up gigi. padahal check up je pun tapi phobia laaaaaa *defend diri* hahaha now bila gigi dah tak comel molek mula lah menyesal tak sudah. patutnya aku dah pasang braces masa sekolah lagi tapi masa tu pun takut melampau, bila sampai klinik gigi tu automatik perut rasa macam ada rama2 mengamuk, muka pun pucat je, pernah jugak masa sebelum spm, aku teman kawan aku pergi klinik gigi, sampai depan pintu tu lutut mengeletar, jalan pun slow motion je lepastu kawan aku tu tegur apesal muka pucat semacam. gila nak bagitahu dia, kemungkinan kalau balik asrama mesti kena menganjing habis-habisan, so aku action la macam takde apa2. even cerita ni takde kena mengena dengan initial story tapi bagi aku, yes cerita yang kedua ni pun ada pengajaran yang maybe aku seorang je yang paham. taught me to be dauntless, sebab ketakutan tu hanya menyebabkan kita terlepas peluang dan we kneel to our own weakness. tunduk pada kelemahan. at last kita juga yang rugi. so unleash your valor/bravery/courage and beat it up!


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

i am alive


whoever out there who facing whatever problem which seems so stale and can't be solved, please remember that the test are meant to be a blessing in disguise. when He says no to something, He says yes to something even greater. i don't even know how my life could turn to be like this. tak pernah terbayang yang dengan keputusan kemasukan uni yg aku dapat tu boleh buat my world in topsy turvy. sejujurnya, aku menangis for almost a week. and i've been questioning myself tak pandai sangat ke aku ni, aku tak layak ke, kenapa aku bla...bla...bla...macam tak percaya dengan takdir and jalan hidup aku sendiri. and bayangkan how devastated i was bila my bestfriends yang bertiga lagi tu dapat degree in law unisza jugak, they will be a classmate. i was like what the fish is going on? sedih gila tuhan je tahu, rasa pointless je hidup aku that moment and somehow i had isolated myself from everyone else. one night, i lay on my bed, not intended to sleep yet, just staring pointlessly at the ceiling, wonder what the whole world might do. drowned deep into my imagination, then something, a thought just hit me abruptly, kind of whisper that whispering me a motivation, for me to wake up and see everything in the best way that they should be. for me to have a faith towards Allah, for his plan over me is the greatest plan. He loves me and i am strong enough so that He knows that i'm capable to go through this. i felt that i have that strength to head up facing entirely a new day ahead. that mystical amuse which i felt that "nahhh, why should i cry over spilled milk?". my eyes teary, not over the sadness that i felt entire week, but because i have let myself not believing in Allah, not putting 100% of confidence towards His planning and capability of. my biggest regret i ought to admit. i don't know how to explain all of this but i know, He is setting everything right. i need to be cool and relax. apart from that, He helps me all this while through another method, speaking of which, He channeling His help towards someone else. i'm glad that everyone i spoke to, end up come out with solutions, advises, and even physically helping me regarding my rayuan things. right at the moment, i know that there's nothing beyond repair. what i need to do is do my best for my rayuan and be gratitude over everything. that was the utmost important. i woke up the day after, Alhamdulillah i'm fine, i'm willing to do anything for seeking a happiness for myself. i know He has prepared something to me, that even bigger and of course the best. these days have been just hard for me but i'm glad that i regain some strength and motivation for me walking in this garden of  thorny roses. perceive misfortunes in some way leads us to another best path that we never think of. keep it subtle and be cool !

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

trip to sabah ?


malam ni 3/3/2015 gamat group WhatsApp (wasep) Gorgeous Typo Chicks *nama group ni bersempena dengan ahli2 nya yang kuat typo* dengan perbincangan nak travel. sebelum ni pun ada dah rancang nak ke Sabah dalam bulan 5-6 ni, tapi tetibe sume macam diam je, takde sapa trigger balik wanderlust tu. then malam ni sarah wasep cakap yang dia duk belek2 web airasia bagai so airasia buat promotion sampai bulan 5 ni, tiket pergi balik and stay 3 days 2 nights + tax just cost about RM2++ gitu je ke gold coast, perth, sabah, bali n apa tah aku tak ingat dah. gempak gila and of course murah gila, mana nak dapat murah macam tu. ika suggest nak ke gold coast, isha nak ke krabi tapi yang paling acceptable gi sabah jela. yet still best n sejuk. ingat nak backpack je, jimat, then kat sana boleh tumpang rumah ekin. dorang sume dah bincang nak makan megi je kat sana hahahaha  *nangis* so memasing dah plan kumpul duit dari sekarang. aku mengharap sangat plan ni menjadi, dah lama travelling ni masuk dalam wishlist aku, kebetulan pulak dapat kengkawan yang gila travel jugak so mengena jugak kat situ. actually aku dengan ika nak sangat travel ke negara sejuk yang ada salji, nak main salji, nak bina snowman, nak main ice skating versi turun bukit bersalji. nakkkkk sangat. kalo gi Seattle ada salji and boleh singgah Niagara Fall or else buat terjun tiruk kat texas river ke, gila lawaaaaaa sungai tu, tak silap aku nama sungai tu Jacob Well, bentuk sungai tu bukan memanjang tapi kedalam yang sedalam 30 kaki macam perigi gitu. hahahaha. angan angan tinggi menggunung, kalau jatuh ni sakit. tapi tolong la, aku punya semangat nak travel ni membuak2 sangat, tak sabar nak kerja, kumpul duit, gi travel, belajar sejarah negara orang *tetiba sangat* berbalik pada Sabah, best jugak sabah weh, dulu senior aku penah backpack ke sana, dorang snorkeling siap main dengan ikan nemo lagi kau. pantai dia pun cantik and bersih. then dorang ke kaki gunung kinabalu, kat situ dah macam kat new zealand. ahhhhhhhhhh bestnyaaaaaaaa. nak mendaki gunung kinabalu then pacak bendera yang tertulis "group Gojes Typo Chicks disini" or "Nik Syahirah been here" hahaha kemain. ni semua disebabkan faktor tak dapat jadi ahli astronomi sebab malas belajar dulu (cita2 nak ke planet mars then pacak bendera or paling koman sentuh bintang Taurus) merepeknya lahhhh aku ni. ok back to the topic, sebelum ni aku ada usahakan untuk sambung undergraduate ke Australia, tak ingat part mana, tapi lepas aku tanya tcr Hasilah, dia suggest untuk belajar degree dalam Malaysia then bila buat Master baru ke oversea. so takpelah KIV dulu plan tu. aku teringin nak ke UK, cardiff especially. bestnya. tak pun ke bucharest, romania, uncle aku ada sorang kat sana, kiranya mudah la nak gi tapi kena usahakan tambang tiket pergi balik ke sana. in shaa Allah boleh je kalau kuat azam tu and usaha. tapi yang penting, semua tu atas rezeki dari Allah, perancangan Allah lagi hebat mengatasi perancangan manusia. kalau dah tertulis itu rezeki kita, in shaa Allah benda tu akan datang dari jalan yang tak disangka2. to sum up, in shaa Allah aku akan bekerja keras untuk kumpul duit ke sabah ni, sarah pun cakap camtu so lagi la encourages untuk work harder. in shaa Allah nak pergi before memasing naik degree bulan 9 ni. last words, hargailah kecantikkan nature, alam sekeliling tu sangat menyenangkan *tetibe* . ok lah bye ! doakan aku tau, at least aku dapat pergi mekkah sebelum mati *this should be a priority* . Aamiin, tata . stay bless everybody !

p/s: sorry seorang Nik suka bercerita ceriti
p/p/s: sorry kalau *or memang* penulisan macam budak tak matang, ni kes terlampau excited

Sabah bah

Saturday, 28 February 2015

i'm sorry and i mean it


tcr yanti i'm so sorry for what had been happening. this misunderstanding was going too far, somehow, maybe i'm letting u down by my bad behavior. frankly speaking, i'm not the one who divulges that info to others. beforehand, i did Facebook it, about ur trip in which merely a status without any details then the next day i already took it down as i knows that u dislike ur privacy goes viral or been told or something like that, assuring that others didn't know about ur trip unless smarian. that's it. i'm not making a fuss about it. i'm respecting ur space, ur pivacy and i'm respecting that u dislike the idea of disclosing everything. i don't know how another teacher knowing all of this thing, because among my facebook's friends, none is teacher from another school. i don't know anyone else. meanwhile, i have been friend with smkpj's teachers but i didn't meet them for this period. besides, i really didn't go out or met anyone. there's no way that i've told them. believe me that i'm not telling everybody about ur matters. pertaining to the smar's blog, i'm doesn't even know about the existence of that particular blog until i had seen that on facebook lately so i guess there are lots of people that might visited it right before me. apart from that, regarding to my negative thinking, i'm sorry for misunderstanding u for this while, yes i am a negative thinker, i'm never learn anything, but believe me, those negativities keeps me apart from my ego, or being over confident that i'm haven't hurt someone or mess up everything. it is true what u said before, if i wanna make my life at ease, i need to be positive so that's how we learn, always learn. i guess i never learn at all, i'm full of negativity tcr, i couldn't make it. i hate that as part of my weakness. i know that i'm a bit of overreaction over u texts, but i should say it long before, that i'm always bothering u and maybe make u annoyed with me. again, sorry for the negative mind. i ever thought u were getting annoyed by the day, like i'm constantly annoying u. thus, it leads me to think that u slowly hate me that i'm snooping into ur business. i can feel that u haven't trusted me ever since. i'm sorry for turns everything into a muddle. after all, life must go on, and i'm truly sorry for anything that i've done from back then. i'm full of flaws, in shaa Allah i will change myself to a better person from now on, or at least should be an optimist, i won't prolong my weakness all over again or fool around like before. thank you from the bottom of my heart for spattered ur inspire words, it was simple yet profound.

i'm sorry for making things hard
i'm sorry for passing difficulties instead of extending love

p/s: don't worry, no one knows about this blog too
pp/s: i love u tcr, forgive me
ppp/s: am i being paranoid ?
pppp/s: tcr comel la mse tcr cakap "tcr dh beli sweater snow, kasut snow" hahaha

Friday, 27 February 2015

this is for you

hi tcr yanti !

i don't know what to talk about
i'm hoping that u're doing fine there at Washington
be safe and stay healthy
take care very well please 
enjoys ur moment there by creating the best memory
whatever it is, i'm gonna praying for ur best, always
i'm sorry for my rampaging texts, specifically on WhatsApp
i'm sorry for bothering u while u're doing ur works 
i'm sorry for overly attached

btw, i hope that u safely return to Malaysia 
really i don't want anything else unless that u're safely arrived 

there's something that i need to tell u beforehand
about 2-3 weeks before ur departure to US
i'm having bad dreams about u
i'm scared if something really happened to u
and i'm intending not to tell u that night before ur departure
because i didn't want to scare u and have a thought about that 
since u're already feeling unease to leave 
hoping that bad things just came across my mind without nothing implied at all

may Allah keeps u safe wherever u are


zikrullah pada Maha Pencipta